Glimpse blog goes live

Well it finally happened; Glimpse now officially has a blog! It is our hope that this will provide a more effective means by which we can communicate with you and another way that you can provide less formal feedback to us.

It’s been an amazing ride since we first “launched” at Mix11. It might be a fair question to ask why we haven’t had a blog earlier, or why we haven’t had more help documentation, etc. As of 2 months ago at Mix, we only had the Github repository and 0 downloads. With the level of enthusiasm (a much support from the likes of Scott Hanselman @shanselman and Phil Haack @haacked) and excitement we received that night, within the next 48hrs, we launched the website (which was created during the keynote), had released another 2 releases delivering primarily feature requests, we had over 300 downloads and to our greatest surprise it seemed to work pretty well out of the box for anyone who tried it.

Today, we not only launch the blog but we are well on our way to reaching 10,000 downloads. Glimpse is one of the most popular ASP.NET Nuget package, thanks to you our users. We have received incredible support from the community (certainly more than we ever expected) and we continue to get more community interest to contribute almost literally every day.

Moving forward things are only going to get better. We are going to continue to need your feedback and guidance as to where we should go, what we should do, where we are going right and where we are going wrong…

With this in mind one of our current top priorities has been working on Help documentation. We continue to get requests from people wanting to know more about how to use and extend Glimpse in more complex ways. Instead of making responses available on just a 1-on-1 basis we would like to make the information/knowledge available to everyone. In addition, we are working on solidify support for WebForms and MVC3, and at the same time making the experience for plugin developers even better. Beyond this, we have some really exciting stuff coming. We have no shortage of ideas and we really want to make Glimpse a must have for web development.

Finally, what can you expect from this blog; first and foremost supported by twitter we intend to make anocements and publish news, we also intend to float ideas about upcoming features and take feedback on what people thing, informal help articles to both users and plugin devs will be published before they are formalized and integrated into the help, and generally anything else that makes sense to include.

Thanks again and please subscribe to the feed!

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