Monthly Archives: July 2011

Glimpse 0.84 Released

We are pleased to announce the release Glimpse 0.84.

This release includes the following improvements to the core:

  • urlBlacklist validator contributed by hahndorf
  • Support for IP validation when server is behind a proxy/load balancer contributed by rho24
  • Glimpse <script> tags now render inside <body> tags
  • Glimpse no longer uses inline javascript, fixing bugs reported for developers with content security policy enabled in firefox
  • Added exception information to glimpseLog when enabled
  • UI facelift, including update to glimpse icon
  • Static glimpse files are now cached in browser, improving performance (can be disabled via web.config)
  • Fixed NullReferenceException problem on session tab
  • Javascript client performance improvements

In addition we’ve made a change to the MVC3 package:

  • Fixed bug that caused the execution tab to always be disabled

You can download Glimpse 0.84 from or


Blacklisting and Remove Plugins

In an effort to try and make some of the lesser known features of Glimpse some air time, we thought we would put together a few short posts on how to perform a coupe of tasks that might get you some quick wins.

First in the list is Blacklisting/Remove Plugins. Out of the box Glimpse provides several plugins. Depending on what version of Glimpse you go for (Glimpse
or Glimpse.MVC3) you will have a variety of tabs that serve different purposes.

We are still refining the list of what is useful and what people want to see, but if there is something you don’t want, removing it is quite straight forward. In this case you would simply add a “pluginBlacklist” element to your glimpse config and using the fully qualified name of the plugin, add items to the blacklist:

            <add plugin="Glimpse.Mvc3.Plugin.MetaData" />
            <add plugin="Glimpse.Mvc3.Plugin.Binders" />
            <add plugin="Foo.Bar.GlimpsePlugins.CurrentUser" />

*It should be noted that if you wanted to blacklist 3rd party plugins, this is more than possible using the same method, as demonstrated with the Foo.Bar.GlimpsePlugins.CurrentUser line above.

Other cases where you might want to blacklist plugins, is for different environments. Lets say, if in development you want all tabs, but in UAT, you want half of them removed and in PROD you only want tracing, Glimpse can support this. You could have several reasons to do this like reducing payload size, or for security concerns. All you would need to do is blacklist the plugins you don’t need in the config file for each environment.

If should be noted that, if you blacklist a plugin, not only do we not show that tab, but the plugin never gets wired into the life-cycle of the page. Blacklisted plugins add absolutely no overhead and are never instantiated.

Hope that helps and let us know what you think and if we can do anything more in this area.

Glimpse Design Face-lift

We have been looking at our design lately and been trying to make some general improvements to the look and feel.

Old Design

New Design

From the start you can see that we have tried to go with a more “steel” theme and make the colours more consistent. You can see that the selected and hover states of the tabs now merge seamlessly into the top bar odd/even background colours are a little lighter – hopefully making it a little easier to read.

Like always, besides the buttons in the top bar on the right, everything is done with pure css and we have also added a couple of slight css transition to just soften things (nothing too overt though). We have widened the css gradient rules to take into account opera and IE10. Also, we have tried to get the look a little better in IE < 9 (not that we are officially supporting it though). If you have any feedback or ideas, please let us know. These changes will come in with the release of 0.84+.