Glimpse 0.84 Released

We are pleased to announce the release Glimpse 0.84.

This release includes the following improvements to the core:

  • urlBlacklist validator contributed by hahndorf
  • Support for IP validation when server is behind a proxy/load balancer contributed by rho24
  • Glimpse <script> tags now render inside <body> tags
  • Glimpse no longer uses inline javascript, fixing bugs reported for developers with content security policy enabled in firefox
  • Added exception information to glimpseLog when enabled
  • UI facelift, including update to glimpse icon
  • Static glimpse files are now cached in browser, improving performance (can be disabled via web.config)
  • Fixed NullReferenceException problem on session tab
  • Javascript client performance improvements

In addition we’ve made a change to the MVC3 package:

  • Fixed bug that caused the execution tab to always be disabled

You can download Glimpse 0.84 from or


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