We’re on it full time!

It’s been a long time since the last post, but we have some big news for you: we’re now working on Glimpse as full-time employees of Red Gate. Gone are the days when Glimpse filled our evenings and weekends – now, thanks to the support of Red Gate, we get to work on it in the daytime as well!

Obviously, this is a great day for Glimpse. We’ve always wanted to deliver more stuff faster, but it was a struggle to make significant progress, let alone to experiment and collaborate. With the chance to work together full time, Glimpse will surge ahead with improvements.

Our plans are still too big for the time we have. In addition to the long-awaited v1, which will improve Glimpse extensibility and platform support, we can’t wait to add support for new technologies like WebAPI and SignalR.

Some of you may be thinking, “Aren’t Red Gate the Reflector people?” We were also worried about that when we started talking with them, but since we’ve gotten to know them better, we’re convinced that they’ll do right by Glimpse and the community. In fact, Red Gate has insisted that we remain in full control of Glimpse, and has contributed additional team members – which just shows us their level of commitment, support and respect for Glimpse’s past, present and future.

Although we have new support, we expect to run the project with the same principles as before: open development, extensible platform and web site, high standards of design (that’s what we’re aiming for, at least!), and a great experience for users and contributors.

We hope you’ll join us in the bright future of Glimpse. If you have any questions, just tweet with the #glimpse hashtag, contact us at team@getglimpse.com, or post to the Glimpse Google Group. You can also read more about what this means to us personally on Nik’s blog and my blog.

8 thoughts on “We’re on it full time!

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  2. Moti

    Lutz Roeder also believed the promises that reflector will be kept free.

    You effectively killed your free product. While I do understand why, and I hope you’re at least going to make a bundle, from the community point of view, It’s a real shame.

    1. nikmd23

      One major difference between this and Reflector is that Anthony and I are staying in control of Glimpse.

      Red Gate has proved to us that they learned a lot from past mistakes, but I get that it will take some time for others to get to the same place. Either way the project is still run by the same guys – so the community aspect will only improve.

      Another difference, of course, is that Glimpse is open source, so the community can always protect itself. To be transparent, there is a potential revenue stream with integrating their technologies with Glimpse plugins that they are exploring, but this just means they have an incentive to help support the free platform.

    1. avanderhoorn Post author

      Hey Jerome
      I can only see this as a good thing as both Nik and I will have more time to help support a Rails port and make sure everything is where it needs to be for this to happen. Already we have plans to pull the client into is own repo so that it can be setup as a sub module. Changes to the client have been made to be sensitive to what subset of the functionality the service supports, etc. And you never know, Nik and I just might learn some Ruby so we can help out 😀

  3. Jerome

    Thanks for the reply Anthony, and congratulations, by the way. It looks like an amazing project, the sort of thing that’s really going to improve a developer’s life. I code in C# and, to a lesser extent, Ruby (still a bit of a noob) but maybe I’ll have a crack at it. The trouble is there are never enough hours in the day, and I’d probably be embarrassed to share my shonky code 🙂

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