Glimpse RC2 now available!

The Glimpse team is proud to announce the availability of our second 1.0 release candidate (RC2).

This release incorporates a ton of great feedback we received after the first release candidate, resulting in over 31 bug fixes and improvements to Glimpse.

A few of the highlight changes include:

As usual all four packages (Glimpse, Glimpse.AspNet, Glimpse.Mvc3 and Glimpse.Mvc2) can be downloaded via NuGet. The only thing to remember is that the RC2 packages are “prerelease” packages so be sure to have NuGet configured to allow for that.

Our hope is that RC2 will be short lived and that we will be able to release these packages as our “stable” 1.0 release very soon.

As usual, please report any issues to our GitHub issues tracker.

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