Glimpse Town Hall #1: Virtual Release Party

We finally did it! Glimpse 1.0 is out and things are working relatively smoothly. It took a little longer than anticipated, but we are generally pleased and happy with ourselves.

To celebrate, on Tuesday March 12th, at 3:30 PM (UTC-5:00), the Glimpse team is going to be throwing a (slightly late) virtual release party.

What does a virtual release party entail, you may ask? Well, I’ll probably at least buy myself a cupcake. You can do that too, but I find that eating cupcakes alone can be a little sad – so lets do it together.

I’ll tweet out a link to a Google Hangout a few minutes before 3:30 (is there really no way to schedule these things?!?) and we can celebrate together. Thanks to Cecil, I now know how to schedule a Google Hangout and here’s the direct link the the party. Of course, it won’t all be self congratulations and high-fives, we’ll demo new features of Glimpse, answer any questions you may have and discuss what’s on the road map for vNext.

We want this to be the first in a series of monthly town hall meetings which will provide an outlet for plugin authors to demonstrate what they have built, discuss challenges with the Glimpse platform and gather user feedback. We’ll experiment with times and technologies until we find the right fit to include the most number of users.

So please come and join us on Tuesday. No RSVP necessary.

4 thoughts on “Glimpse Town Hall #1: Virtual Release Party

    1. nikmd23 Post author

      Thanks Cecil! I’ve updated the post with the direct link to the party. Hope to see you there.


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