Glimpse 1.1 Released With Support for MVC 4

Since we released Glimpse 1.0 several weeks ago, we’ve been inundated with questions about and requests for full ASP.NET MVC 4 support. We’ve heard your feedback and are happy to announce that as of today, in addition to our Glimpse.Mvc2 and Glimpse.Mvc3 packages, we are shipping a Glimpse.Mvc4 package with full support for Task<T> based async actions and Display Modes.

In addition to support for ASP.NET MVC 4, we’ve also made several small improvements to our ASP.NET and Core packages. You can see the list of everything we’ve done in our GitHub Issue Tracker.

As always, we can’t do this without our users and contributors. Special thanks to those who reported issues:

Note: Glimpse.Mvc4 does not yet support ApiControllers (or WebAPI at all). We simply ignore requests to your web API’s for now.

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