Glimpse 1.3 released with a new glimpse.axd page & N+1 detection

Well its that time again and we have another Glimpse release out the door. Since releasing v1.0, we have managed to drop a fairly major feature release every 13.5 days. At some point we will have to take a break, but with all the support we have been getting, I don’t see us slowing down anytime soon.

Package versions
For those with a keen eye, you might have noticed that not every package reved to 1.3.0. Traditionally, it has worked out that all the Glimpse packages have had similar changes which has resulted in the version numbers jumping in step. But from today onwards, it looks like they will be destined to be different.

New glimpse.axd page
With this release we decided to totally overhaul the glimpse.axd page we have all come to love and adore. But progress demands that we move with the times and we thought that the page deserved much more love that we have given it since going live with v1.

For those who don’t remember what we had before I’ve taken the liberty of including some screen shots and highlighting some problems that stuck out – bonus points if you can spot the problems:

Moving quickly on, I would like to introduce the future Glimpse.axd page – note, you might spot that it’s feeling very proud of itself:

Besides a total UI overhaul, keep an eye out for the following changes:

  • Tell the users in big letters when the cookie is on/off.
  • Notify users when Glimpse detects a newer updates available.
  • Tell users exactly what tabs/inspectors/resources/etc are registered.
  • Notify users when duplicated resources are registered.

Here are some screen shots to keep an eye out for:

  • Glimpse now try’s to tell you loud and clear whether its on or off
  • Not only do we show you what tabs and policies Glimpse has found, we we try and make sure people know that Glimpse will only work locally by default
  • Glimpse now shows you all the configuration information it has (note this is probably most useful for those creating extensions, hence why its toggle hidden by default)

If you have any feedback or ideas on the above, please let us know.

N+1 detection for ADO queries
This was a feature that we dropped from the initial ADO/EF release but felt strongly should be there. Most of the work in this release has gone into the backend detection of N+1 events, so you will have to forgive us if you agree the UI needs a bit more work.

Client support rendering arrays of objects
Traditionally when you had list data, you would have had to transform your objects into an array of arrays for Glimpse to display the data as you would expect. This has been updated in this release so that you can return a normal array of objects and have it rendered as you would expect.

For an example of how this works, head over to the protocol test page and have a look at Scenario 28 and 29. We really hope that this will make returning your data even easier.

Other changes to watch for
You might have noticed the readme that opens when you install or update Glimpse. This page exists to try and let people know how to use Glimpse and what changes to keep an eye out for. Previously this page only showed changes that occurred for Glimpse.Core, we have now opened this up so that it will work with any 3rd party Glimpse package that wants to add their release details to the page. Look for a follow up post on how to update your packages for this.

Final words
Well I think that is a wrap. For a full list of changes, issues and commits see below:

As always if you have any thoughts or comments, just let us know and I hope you enjoy this release!

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