Next up for HUD?

HUD is officially one week old! Since then, the community response has been nothing short of amazing. As hoped, HUD has resonated with developers as something that serves a real need and not just a nice to have. Here is a little taste of the feedback we have been getting:

Absolutely love Glimpse, the new HUD, the sexy new UI… all looking amazing. The reaction you get from web devs who’ve never seen Glimpse is priceless!

Our vision for HUD has always been one of trying to provide you with the information you need, without having to go look for it. Its designed to help answer the question of “that seemed slower than usual, why?” or “what action/view did that hit again?” or even “wow, thats a lot of queries that run on this page, do I have an N+1 query?”.

What’s next
In order to take HUD to the next level we are looking to get your feedback on what is needed/missing. We want to know if people feel we have our priorities straight, and make sure that we continue to provide what you need. Here is a taste of what we have been thinking:

  • Extensibility
    Provide a means by which you or framework authors can add data to HUD.
  • Alerting
    Ability to set thresholds on the various data points to have those values flagged when the thresholds are crossed.
  • Notifications
    Ad hoc logic which facilitates developers being able to send notifications back to HUD (i.e. when Web Optimizations fails).
  • Linking
    Links between data points in HUD and their counterparts in full Glimpse.
  • Configuration
    Ability to pick and choose which data points you want to see in the bar view of HUD (also choose things like sizes, etc).
  • History
    Put the spark graph into the popup which shows historical trends. When the users to mouses over the points, all the data in HUD switch to reflect the values of that historical request.
  • Ajax details
    Ability to see the HUD details for any ajax request that occurs (i.e. mouse over ajax request and see HUD update itself to reflect the data for that request).
  • More interesting data
    Imagine being able to view payload sizes (pre/post gzipping), or Indicate number of DOM inserts as they happen in real time, or any other possible data points.

Besides the above, we know we have a few things we also need to sort out:

  • Popup Design
    We need to work out a way of creating more space in the popups – particularly Host section when you have no SQL data.
  • Section Design
    Facilitate being able to minimize section more easily, more surface area to select.

Your voice
We would love to hear from you about where you think we should go next. I’ve put in a survey at the bottom of this post to try and gather some initial feelings from the community. Our intent is to try and more fast on the feedback and continue to provide you with an experience that you have come expect from Glimpse.

Want to help
If you would like to be a part of the discussion or even help tribute to and guide the direction of HUD into the future, please get involved in the discussion on the mailing list. Glimpse wouldn’t be possible without the help we have had from the community and this only becomes more true as the project aims higher.

Thanks again for everyones feedback!

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