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Glimpse 1.6.0 released

Since our last release a fair bit of time has passed. Most of this has been taken up with speaking at MonkeySpace (expect a post on this in the future) and trying to take a good swat at knocking off a few key bugs that have been building up. That said we did manage to squeeze in a few useful new features.

Server Timing
We got a few requests come through to show the time on the server. This is useful for tracking down inconstancies in the time between the client and server or delta between the server and a trusted time source (some public NTP source for example). Time can also become important when dealing with things such as encryption / authentication, or when server has issues with wrong DST settings.

Here is a screenshot of what to expect:
This shows shows full server time, if DLS is in effect and delta between client and server time.

Environment Tab
We have also made some updates to the Environment Tab to show more version information. The thought process is that with Nuget packages that are starting to use the full SemVer spec (specifically pre-release and build metadata) just showing the standard version isn’t enough any more. Packages like EntityFramework have the same version number during the whole pre-release cycle, but have different package versions. Hence now, we show the full version number that is used in Nuget if its available.

This is what the new details look like:

This is useful when you want to confirm that the correct version of a package installed.

Release Notes

  • Glimpse.Core – Welterweight release 1.6.0
    • Add server “clock” time to HUD (shows full server time, if DLS is in effect and difference between client and server time)
    • Update to client to pulse tabs to try and show that the state context has changed
    • Update to client to show a loading message (instead of an error message) to give the data a chance to load
    • Update to client for Principal vs. Principle
    • Update to client to support object values having layouts
    • Fix bug where JSON.NET could screw up self reference loops
    • Fix small typo in update notification on glimpse.axd
  • Glimpse.ASP.NET – Middleweight release 1.4.0
    • Add server “clock” time to HUD (shows full server time, if DLS is in effect and difference between client and server time)
    • Update Environment tab update to show more version Info
    • Fixed issue where tabs could randomly disappear in some cases
    • Fixed issue where calls to HttpContext.Request in IIS7 Integrated mode threw exceptions
    • Fixed issue where query string parameters with a null key would throw an exception
    • Fixed issue to make Glimpse NuGet package discovery more stable
    • Update to make the injection of the the script tags into the rendered pages more robust
    • Update Environment tab to make it more realilant to exceptions in different protection modes
    • Update to make it easier to get Glimpse working when using dynamic compression
  • Glimpse.MVC* – Featherweight release 1.3.3
    • Minor adjustment to bring NuGetPackage inline with eachother
  • Glimpse.ADO – Lightweight release 1.5.0
    • Add support for profiling DbDataAdapter.Fill() correctly

Special Thanks
In terms of pull requests, I have to say a big thanks to:

And for the great issue reports, I want to thank:

Release Details
Well I think that is a wrap. For a full list of changes, issues and commits see below:

Side Note
We currently know there is an issue with our EF6 package being broken with EF6 Beta1. We hope to have this fixed soon.

Parting words
Let us know if you have any thoughts or comments and I hope you enjoy this release.