Glimpse 1.6.1 released

Release 1.6.0 has been out for a little over a month now and so far so good. Generally speaking, our stability over the past few months has been pretty good and as a result we are starting to feel that Glimpse v1 is nearing an end and v2 is on the horizon! but more to come on that in the future 😀

In the mean time we noticed that the issue backlog has been building up and wanted to go on a bug bashing excises. Hence, we have been spending time knocking down out issues. We managed to get out outstanding issue count down from around 110 to under 40. As you might imagine, this has resulted in some updates and hence this release.

Hence, this release is a service update to fix a variety of issues. This release sees updates to following packages:

  • Glimpse.Core – Welterweight release 1.6.1
    • Switch images on Glimpse.axd page to their DataUri representations to avoid mixed content requests
    • Switch href over from using “#” to “javascript:void(0)”
    • Remove trailing commas in client
    • Switch logo on the About tab over to the new logo
    • Removed IpAddress as its not used anywhere
  • Glimpse.AspNet – Lightweight release 1.4.1
    • Removed IpAddress as its not used anywhere
    • Fixed possible null refernce exception when access clientId
    • Removed unused AspNet.Net35 Net35Backport
  • Glimpse.Ado – Flyweight release 1.5.1
    • Switched GlimpseDbTransaction over to be public
  • Glimpse.Ef* – Middleweight release 1.4.0
    • Added groundwork support for EF6

In terms of pull requests, I have to say a big thanks to:

And for the great issue reports, I want to thank:

Well I think that is a wrap. For a full list of changes, issues and commits see below:

Let us know if you have any thoughts or comments and I hope you enjoy this release.

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