Glimpse ASP.NET 1.7 Released – Cache Tab

The community around Glimpse is continuing to swell as each release includes the effort of more and more people. This release is comprised almost entirely of contributions from outside the “founders team” of Anthony and I (who have been focusing much of our effort on the forthcoming release of version 2.0).

Caching Tab
The big feature in this release is the new Cache tab, which provides insight into the state of the application’s usage of data caching via the HttpRuntime.Cache object.

Cache Screen Shot

Async Patch
Additionally we have release a patch fix for a small number of users which have experienced problems with the Async support we released in 1.8.0 and crossing AppDomain boundaries. This has come up for users when they navigate to a page that contain a ReportViewer control, or using VS2010/12 Dev Web Server (instead of IIS Express or full IIS), or a couple of other edge cases.

A full fix for this will come in v2 but if you run into an exception that reads something similar to:

Type 'System.Web.HttpContextWrapper' in assembly 'System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' is not marked as serializable.

you simply need to add the following as an app setting element:

    <add key="Glimpse:DisableAsyncSupport" value="true" />

If this affects you and you are interested in reading more details on it, head over and take a look at issue #632.

Lastly, we’re also releasing Glimpse.Core 1.8.1 and version 1.5.2 of our MVC packages, each which with several bug fixes. Here’s the full details:

Release Notes

  • Glimpse.ASP.NET – Middleweight release 1.7.0
    • New data caching tab for HttpRuntime.Cache
    • Improved handling of connection strings in Configuration tab including the ability for a user to define which keys/values inside a connectionString which should be obfuscated
  • Glimpse.Core – Featherweight release 1.8.1
    • Fixed style issue which forced Glimpse tables to be full width
    • Added new client events around HUD init process
    • Fixed encoding issue in the AJAX HUD ticker
    • Fixed issues with certain CORS requests failing due to unexpected header modifications
    • Fix to HUD’s poor wrapping on small screens
    • Fixed possible in-memory persistence store thread issue
    • Update structured layouts so titles can have the new casing logic applied
    • Updates to make Glimpse.axd compliant with content security policies
    • Allow users to disable use of Logical Call Context via Glimpse:DisableAsyncSupport AppSettings switch
  • Glimpse.MVC* – Featherweight release 1.5.2
    • Fixed bug with model binding tab and some complex models

Special Thanks
As mentioned above, this release was a big team effort. In particular we’d like to thank:

  • Christophe Gijbels
    • #676 Made in-memory persistence store thread-safe
    • #658 Update Glimpse.axd to CSP compliant
    • #671 Improved handling of connection strings in Configuration Tab
    • #655 Updated complex models processing to work correctly in the model binding tab
  • Bryan Hogan
    • #675 Update the Cache Tab ready for release
    • #649 Removing commented out from request tab
    • #648 Update resource result to not generate null reference exception when dealing with QueryString
  • Steve Ognibene
    • #641 Improve WebForms viewstate smoke tests
    • #636 Addition coverate for improving WebForms viewstate smoke tests
  • Andrew Ma
    • #104 Prototype implementation for caching tab
  • Dorin Manoli
    • #677 Update HUD wraps to fix incorrectly on small screens

And for the great issue reports, we’d also like to thank:

Release Details
For a full list of changes, issues and commits you can use any of these links into GitHub:

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this release and the Glimpse team would like to wish you and yours a happy holiday and bug-free New Year!


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