Glimpse 1.8.3 released – Insights removed

Today we had an unscheduled release of Glimpse. This was to remove the Insights “feature” which was introduced in the last release – 1.8.2. Its removal is based on the feedback we received from the community since going live.

For a long time now, we have been trying to work on ways to get better feedback about how people use Glimpse. We routinely hear from people on Twitter, via the issue list and at conferences, unfortunately, this feedback is fairly anecdotal and hard to quantify. We decided to try and get usage analytics directly from the client itself.

In thinking about this, we decided to ask the community what they thought. Before we release 1.8.2, we posted our thoughts on this blog – Getting greater insights into Glimpse – and out on Twitter, asking for feedback, and received no negative response.

This morning, we received feedback from the community that the Insights feature isn’t desired (at least in its current form) and until we can make a decision as a community, we have removed the feature and released this update.

Moving Forward
From this experience, its clear that the communication channels that we have, and the process of lazy consensus, can’t adequately cover all situations. In addition, for changes such as this, we should work much harder to get/force a response from the community before moving forward.

I’m happy that the we where able to respond to community feedback quickly and hope that we can continue to do so in the future.

Thanks to those who participated in the discussion and I’m glad we came to a good outcome.

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