Glimpse and Microsoft join forces

It is my pleasure to announce that moving forward the sponsorship of Glimpse is being taken over by Microsoft. More details around the the particulars will be coming out soon, but for the here and now there are fairly comprehensive writeup’s on the Visual Studio and Asp.Net blog’s, as well as our own blog’s (Anthony van der Hoorn and Nik Molnar).


For the last 3 years Glimpse has been lucky enough to be sponsored by Red Gate. This relationship has been amazing and has made it possible for us to get to where we are today. That said, moving forward and for where we want to take the project (deeper integration into Asp.Net, as well as going cross platform and working on other web stacks), Microsoft is a really great fit.

Looking forward to bring you more details, as well as making Glimpse even more awesome.

3 thoughts on “Glimpse and Microsoft join forces

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  2. James Chambers

    Anthony, I’m absolutely geeked that two guys as passionate about this tooling and tech stack as you and Nik are will be part of the team that builds it out. Congrats!


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