Application Insights Telemetry in Glimpse

The following is a guest post from Beckylin Orooji, detailing a cool community built Glimpse plugin that exposes Application Insight’s telemetry. You can find out more about it on Beckylin’s post on the Azure Blog.

Glimpse is a great tool for profiling and debugging your web applications during development.  Application Insights is a tool for diagnosing issues and monitoring performance in live production. Because developers need both a great tool during development and a great tool in production, an integration of these products was created.

What is Application Insights?

Application Insights monitors your web application in production for performance, availability, and usage. It helps you understand what your users do with your app, diagnose failed requests and exceptions, and find performance issues in browser, web server or backend services.

What does the integration provide?

Application Insights items are now accessible alongside the other data collected by Glimpse. One place where Application Insights data is shown is in the Glimpse timeline tab. Application Insights automatically collects client and server-side telemetry about requests, outbound calls to dependencies such as http calls, as well as business metrics.

In Glimpse’s Trace tab, log traces and exception reports collected by Application Insights are shown.

The new Application Insights tab shows all the Application Insights telemetry from the client and server that you will be gathering after your application is deployed to production. Looking at the Application Insights tab, you can see exactly what data will be collected for specific pages as you browse through your application. Doing this during development enables you to ensure you have implemented your telemetry collection in the way you intended. After you release your application, this telemetry will be your source of business and diagnostic insights.

Try it now

See this integration in action and try it on your own application by installing one of our two NuGet packages.

Installing the Glimpse Application Insights Web package will turn on Application Insights for your application and enable a basic set of Glimpse packages. This package includes dependencies to other packages you will need for web applications making this a simple solution for everyone. If you have not onboarded to Application Insights, you should use this package. Glimpse Application Insights Web will support .NET web applications without any additional work from you.

Note: If you already onboarded Application Insights and Glimpse, you can consider using the Glimpse Application Insights NuGet package. If you want additional features, you can manually install the ADO.NET, ASP.NET and EnityFramework, or any other extension.

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