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Glimpse: What’s the current status?

Have you looked at the Glimpse issue list on Github recently? New issues are being posted daily, which means the list is constantly changing. How do you know what is going to be released next and who is contributing to it?

Introducing the Status Dashboard

No more filtering, confusion, searching! The status dashboard makes it clear what is currently being developed for the next release.

What is going to be released next?

When you submit an issue on github, the Glimpse team will categorise the issue into the core nuget packages: Core, EF, ADO, ASPNET, MVC and Webforms.


If one of the packages is broken at the moment this will be highlighted in red and we will indicate what exactly the bigger issue is.

Who is contributing?

We have a lot of people contributing to Glimpse and we want to acknowledge them in every way possible. The bottom half of the status dashboard acknowledges all those that have reported issues


or contributed to the code base


This last part of the status dashboard is really important for us, as we want to acknowledge those who contribute in whatever way they can to the project.


The next time you are wondering what will be released next or if your issue will be resolved soon, take a look at the status dashboard.

As always we welcome your comments and suggestions! Any insights are welcome.