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Glimpse 1.0 Ships!

The Glimpse team is proud to announce that we have shipped Glimpse 1.0. (Stable, RTW, final – call it what you’d like, but it’s certainly good!)

Glimpse 1.0 supports more frameworks and runtimes than any previous version of Glimpse. We’ve fixed a ton of bugs and added many new features since the last beta.

In addition, we’re proud to announce a new website design at We’ve re-built the site to leverage a GitHub repository and Azure Websites to allow for contributions and simplified deployment. This will allow us to add documentation, samples and improved content much more quickly. Keep an eye on the site for changes and please feel free to contribute.

This release follows a successful second release candidate (RC2), and contains few changes, the most notable of which is the rename of IPipelineInspector to IInspector. This change will only affect a small percentage of external plugin authors and has been discussed on the Glimpse developers list.

As usual all four packages (Glimpse, Glimpse.AspNet, Glimpse.Mvc3 and Glimpse.Mvc2) can be downloaded via NuGet.

Please report any issues or suggestions to our GitHub issues tracker.

In addition, we’ll be having a virtual release party/townhall meeting in the near future to show off some of the new features and answer any questions you may have live. We’ll announce more details as soon as they become available.

Glimpse RC2 now available!

The Glimpse team is proud to announce the availability of our second 1.0 release candidate (RC2).

This release incorporates a ton of great feedback we received after the first release candidate, resulting in over 31 bug fixes and improvements to Glimpse.

A few of the highlight changes include:

As usual all four packages (Glimpse, Glimpse.AspNet, Glimpse.Mvc3 and Glimpse.Mvc2) can be downloaded via NuGet. The only thing to remember is that the RC2 packages are “prerelease” packages so be sure to have NuGet configured to allow for that.

Our hope is that RC2 will be short lived and that we will be able to release these packages as our “stable” 1.0 release very soon.

As usual, please report any issues to our GitHub issues tracker.

Glimpse 1.0.0 CTP1 Released

The Glimpse team is proud to announce our release of Glimpse 1.0.0 CTP1!

This release is targeted at developers who have created Glimpse plugins, as opposed to Glimpse users – who will find version 0.87 to be more feature complete at this point.

Since this release is targeted at developers, we have posted most of the gory details on the Glimpse mailing list. Swing by and take a peek if you are interested.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to post on the mailing list – or drop by our new Jabbr room, where someone will be happy to help.

Glimpse 0.84 Released

We are pleased to announce the release Glimpse 0.84.

This release includes the following improvements to the core:

  • urlBlacklist validator contributed by hahndorf
  • Support for IP validation when server is behind a proxy/load balancer contributed by rho24
  • Glimpse <script> tags now render inside <body> tags
  • Glimpse no longer uses inline javascript, fixing bugs reported for developers with content security policy enabled in firefox
  • Added exception information to glimpseLog when enabled
  • UI facelift, including update to glimpse icon
  • Static glimpse files are now cached in browser, improving performance (can be disabled via web.config)
  • Fixed NullReferenceException problem on session tab
  • Javascript client performance improvements

In addition we’ve made a change to the MVC3 package:

  • Fixed bug that caused the execution tab to always be disabled

You can download Glimpse 0.84 from or