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Glimpse 1.8.0 released – Async Support

In an effort not to leave too much time between releases, we happy to announce that as of today, Glimpse now supports capturing details that occur within Async operations. With the advent of .NET 4.5 it is easier than ever to take advantage of Async tasks to perform out-of-process or long running tasks.

Before now, Glimpse hasn’t been able to see the details of what occurs within these tasks, but with the help of the community, now we can! Unless you have specific needs, chances are the biggest difference you will see in your day-to-day usage of Glimpse, is that we can see everything that happens in Async queries that ADO/EF perform.

Release Notes

  • Glimpse.Core – Welterweight release 1.8.0
    • Support for capturing data on Async operations
    • Added Status Code to ajax and history tabs
    • Client now sensibly interpret friendly titles out of object keys
    • Client updated to render array lists as array of objects rather than array of arrays
    • Fixed bug where timeline couldn’t cope with long strings as the event title
  • Glimpse.ASP.NET – Welterweight release 1.6.0
    • Total rewrite of the Request tab to include additional request info
    • Removed Server tab as it’s now obsolete given the Request tab update
  • Glimpse.MVC* – Featherweight release 1.5.1
    • Fix version number inconsistency between MVC packages
    • Fix version information in MVC5
  • Glimpse.WebForms – Featherweight release 1.0.2
    • Greater support for many more control ViewState’s
    • Fixed circular reference bug that could be caused by some controls ViewState
    • Fixed bug which could cause trace output to be rendered in the page
  • Glimpse.ADO – Welterweight release 1.7.0
    • Support for Async queries
    • Added async indicator column to the SQL tab
    • Minor adjustment to the width of the transaction title column in SQL tab
  • Glimpse.EF* – Welterweight release 1.6.0
    • Support for Async queries
    • Added async indicator column to the SQL tab

Special Thanks
In terms of pull requests, I have to say a big thanks to:

And for the great issue reports, I want to thank:

Release Details
Well I think that is a wrap. For a full list of changes, issues and commits see below:

Thanks to everyone involved and enjoy the release!