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Task tracking in Glimpse

As you may expect, over the coming weeks and months, Glimpse will see a large influx in the amount of work that we are able to dedicate to getting releases and features out the door. In addition, we have been fortunate to have people wanting to volunteer their time to contribute features, fixes, documentation and more. This means that we have had to review our process to insure that we can keepup with this increase in velocity. As we make more decisions moving forward we will keeping everyone up to date, but the first accouncement we have is around Task Tracking.

We have decided to use Trello for managing:

  • suggestions that are being considered,
  • when given tasks are scheduled for release,
  • what’s in and out of the next release, and
  • what features made it into previous releases.

Inspiration for this “design” needs to go to the the board that Trello (@trello) use who is currently using this structure for Trello itself. The project has obviously been using this pattern for several months now to great effect and we believe that this will work well for Glimpse.

In addition to tracking our development tasks, we discovered that their was a need to track out project tasks. This provides a home for tasks that run out-of-band of our our releases and aren’t actually included in the end dll that gets deployed. An example of these tasks are things like, getting Trello setup, shifting website host, areas where documentation needs to be improved or other general website improvements.

Besides making what we are working on more transparent, we hope this will provide a home for people who want to contribute to Glimpse and just need to a pointer to where they can see what needs to be done. One way in which this process could work is as follows: Once someone sees where they can help, the wider discussion can be picked up in the mailing list, where we can support their efforts. Then as coding progresses, a pull request will be made where the ourselves and the community can provide feedback on their contribution. At that time, we can bring the code in and have their contribution acknowledged.

To this end we have created the flowing boards:

Please note that the board isn’t perfect and still a far from where we want it to look like post v1. Ultimately we would like it to look as neat and tidy Trello’s board, but you have to start somewhere and this seems like a good place.

Let us know what you think and if you have any feedback on how we can make this process better and even more transparent.