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Glimpse Design Face-lift

We have been looking at our design lately and been trying to make some general improvements to the look and feel.

Old Design

New Design

From the start you can see that we have tried to go with a more “steel” theme and make the colours more consistent. You can see that the selected and hover states of the tabs now merge seamlessly into the top bar odd/even background colours are a little lighter – hopefully making it a little easier to read.

Like always, besides the buttons in the top bar on the right, everything is done with pure css and we have also added a couple of slight css transition to just soften things (nothing too overt though). We have widened the css gradient rules to take into account opera and IE10. Also, we have tried to get the look a little better in IE < 9 (not that we are officially supporting it though). If you have any feedback or ideas, please let us know. These changes will come in with the release of 0.84+.